Murder Mayhem - Murder Mystery Scotland

Who Dunnit???

Looking for something completely different?

Murder Mayhem is an interactive Murder Mystery show with a difference to give your guests or audience an exhilarating and exciting time to remember.  With various characters and scripts available, Murder Mayhem promises to whisk you into a world of drama and suspense with many thrills, frights and laughs rolled into one fantastic professional performance. Taking the old "whodunnit" to a completely new level, the murderer and victim could well be a member of your audience! 

Various shows are available and suited to any venue including Hotel weekends, theatre, pubs and clubs. From small 4 man shows, to full production shows for corporate events and theatre, book Murder Mayhem for a show you will never forget!



Cast - Victim and 3 suspects plus Police investigator. (the victim can become a back up policeman) 

The victim and the 3 suspects are at a Champagne reception, usually hosting it. 
This lasts about 30 minutes and is unscripted but follows the plot. After 30
minutes the victim dies of poisoning, stabbing shooting etc. 

The audience/guests should then be ushered out for dinner and when they are
finished the police Investigator is brought in and interviews the guests before he
starts his questioning. This part of the show is scripted. After the investigation
which lasts about 1 hour the audience can question the suspects. 

The show can run into the following morning when the conclusion will last about
45 minutes or can be shortened to finish on the night. There is usually a prize of a
bottle of Champagne for the guest who correctly identifies the murderer. 

There are 12 scripts some involve the victim and suspects eating dinner with the
audience and the murder happening at the end of the meal. 

New scripts can be commissioned and current scripts can be amended to
accommodate the audience if notice and information given in advance.